Sunday, 19 June 2011

Updating Your Fashion Look With Scarves

If you want to update your look just in time for the upcoming season or raring to reinvent yourself and make a good impression in the office, it would be wise to spend on pieces that can do wonders for your existing wardrobe rather than splurging on trendy apparel that would go out of style in a few months anyway.

Try investing on scarves for women. With the interesting possibilities of this classic fashion piece, you'd end up looking your best in any occasion without breaking the bank. It doesn't take much effort learning how to wear a scarf. The simplest way to wear it is to let it hang on your shoulders and you have already created a new look for your old clothes. This style can easily extend the function of a simple office dress making it look appropriate for a business dinner later in the day.

You can actually combine scarves with just about any type of clothes--an all-black ensemble, a plain shirt or a shift dress--and it would look just as classy. It can also add color to an otherwise drab outfit. When you get the hang of it, wearing scarves for women can become second nature and even boost your confidence. Don't be afraid to mix and match. As you go along, you will develop a knack for combining your scarves with your existing wardrobe and help you pick new clothes easily using them as color guide too.

What's nice about wearing scarves is that it is never boring. You can try out different materials. Each type can exude a distinct look. A silk scarf is a good fashion investment as you can show off an exquisite look for formal or special occasions. For the more casual occasions, try cotton or the fabric of the moment, preferably in different shapes and sizes so you can create more styles. These also come in materials such as satin, rayon, pashmina, cashmere, wool, velvet, chiffon, chenille, Georgette, nylon and polyester. Some are beaded and there are also crochet types if you feel like adding up a touch of vintage to your overall mien. Handmade is nice too as it is unique and special.

Aside from the material, experimenting with patterns is also fun. You can go for scarves that reflect your personality or the opposite. If your friends or co-workers expect you to wear floral, why not try geometric or animal prints instead? Keep on exploring and adding up a piece or two as you go along your fashion journey. The versatility of scarves for women is one of the main reasons it never goes out of style. It can easily perk up your look even when you're just wearing it ascot style or covering your tousled hair. It can highlight your assets or hide imperfections.

If you want to flaunt your small waist, use your scarf as a belt, tied loosely around your hips. If you want to bare one shoulder, tie your scarf to form a Venus neckline. This is great when you're wearing a tube top or dress. You may use it as a headband, regular belt, to keep yourself warm and fashionable during winter, as accent to a formal dress, wear it to the beach, as a turban or a shrug. Scarves for women are also nice alternative to jackets if you want to give your look a fresh approach. If you are required to wear jackets at work, you can still use scarf as an undercoat.

Updating your look need not take much effort and money. Sometimes it only takes one piece of accessory to reinvent yourself. With scarves though, it would be hard to resist the stylish options available so any woman has an excuse to have a collection.

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