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Fashion Silk Scarves

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Scarves are one of the most popular accessory items out there for men and women. The most popular of all the types would be silk scarves. The beautiful nature of the silk allows them to offer never-ending options to enhance your wardrobe. A silk scarf can range from the most lightweight to more delicate and even gossamer light such as a chiffon scarf or chiffon wrap would be. They can be worn in so many different styles, as an example, what about a head cover, a belt, sashes, or even more of a dramatic accent like a shawl tossed over the shoulder. No matter if you are looking to add a subtle touch to your outfit or more of a dramatic flair, silk scarves are the answer to mixing up your wardrobe and making it look fresh again.

But what is it about silk scarves that makes them so special? The most basic answer is that they are made out of silk. Silk was, for hundreds of years, provided the reputation of a most luxurious and sensual fabric. It has been long associated with qualities such as success and wealth. To help better appreciate why silk is so highly valued, let's take a look at a few of its qualities.

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  • Is the strongest of all of the natural fibers. A strand of silk will be harder to break than one of the same diameter made out of steel
  • Is porous, which allows it to breathe and take in moisture. Because of this quality, it remains cool in the summer and warm for the winter.
  • It takes on dye well and easily absorbs deep colors including the brightest, most iridescent ones that are so brilliant in appearance. Even better is that in most cases silk prints look almost as good on the back side as they do on the front.
  • Creates lustre and beauty because its smooth fiber allows it to be light reflective.
  • Is highly mold resistant, which makes it even stronger than cotton or the best wool.
  • Successfully improves the quality of the wardrobe, giving it a sensual feel and enhancing your look while it beautifully drapes on your body and holds its shape.


  1. Very interesting piece. Silk sounds elegant and looks elegant so no wonder it suits best for a scarf.


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