Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fashion Tips From Solid Color Scarves

In winter, the warmth from a scarf is equivalent to two coats. So scarves are a must-have accessory for the cold weather, especially for trendy setters. A scarf both keeps you warm and let you in fashion. Among all kinds of scarves, solid color scarves are versatile and easier to match your outfit than the scarf with a sophisticated pattern. A perfect solid color scarf makes you refresh everyday and is also more suitable for mature women to wear daily. Check out the following scarf matching tips and see which one is good for you.

White scarves are one of the favorite solid color scarves. If the scarf size is big enough, you can also wear it as a shawl. A white color scarf with long tassels would be perfect choice. It is full of romantic feel with the long tassels swinging. Those white scarves go with jeans very well and look good.

Black scarves present both stylish and mature feel. If go with a red black striped shirt, that will be really eye-catching. A black theme Korean style pants can be a wonderful finish touch for your outfit.

As one of the matching rules, color contrast is another choice. If you choose a colorful striped sweater which is eye-catching and youth energetic, a gray scarf with jean could be a smart choice. Usually the clothing in the autumn or winter has dull color but this outfit is full of feminine charm.

Until now, we have not mentioned another important fashion accessory: boots. How can you comment fashion without mentioning boots? Here another fashion rule applies: same or similar color match. If a gray color scarf is your favorite winter scarf, you could choose a boot from the similar color series, such as black.

If you live in Caribbean, the skirt with beautiful prints is still your outfit choice. The only thing extra is a purple scarf. As a purple scarf is selected, you can add a long boots and a cowboy style handbag with tassels.

Black scarves are a necessary element for the college style. A classic representation for this style could include a white blouse with a big size outer wear. If love extra vintage charm, a beret can do that for you. The contrast between white and black really spices up your fashion favors.

Red scarves are not that normal any more if you have nice outfit to match. The black and white thin-striped sweater looks sexy with a jean. The casual and elegance integrates with each other very well. A bright red scarf is really eye-catching from the above outfit and reveals the female charm with a great focus.

No matter which one you choose, that is not the only right choice for your winter scarves. The winter scarves highlight your outfit and add extra charming for your daily life. Try the scarves you have or find a great deal online for your additional favorite scarves. If you take some time and experiment with your scarves, you will definitely find your own fashion choice for this winter. Not just warm, you will also have a fun from a smart use with your scarves.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Satin Scarves For Hair

Satin Scarves For Hair

Satin scarves for hair is satin in texture and are usually in a big square so that they can easily be used to tie hair back and protect it while sleeping. Satin scarves for hair is the best way to protect your hair at night. Whether you roll, wrap, or pin up, you can't go wrong when you use a satin scarf. Some people are not so fond of securing their hair at night.

Satin scarf for hair can protect your hair better than anything else. If you are a wild sleeper, you should definitely use a satin hair scarf, along with a satin pillowcase in case it should come off for extra protection.

The main benefit of using a satin hair scarf is to protect your hair from getting tangly, drying out, and getting snagged throughout the course of sleeping. Scarves also help to hold moisture in your hair. A hair scarf protects your hair from getting tangly as it would get if you were to go to sleep tossing and turning especially if you have mid-length to long hair. Tangling can also occur with shorter hair.

Dryness can occur due to your hair rubbing around on all of the fabric in your bed as well as rubbing against itself constantly. It is also possible for your hair to get snagged or pulled from your pillow or your arm throughout the course of sleeping. To be on the safe side, just use a satin hari scarf.

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Black Satin Scarf

Black Satin Scarf

The ever present black satin scarf is a must have fashion accessory and if you have not bothered with one then you have get yourself one to start with. This is a color that has always captured the interest of designers. They have experimented with various combinations of black and other colors to give an erotic look. Most men find black scarves very attractive. In fact, a woman wearing a black satin scarf looks elegant and the scarf goes a long way in enhancing the woman's se*x appeal.

Black is also a color which has always been associated with elegance and having a satin scarf of that color makes sense as we all want to be perceived as elegant. They can be stylish depending on the occasion you wear it.

These scarves are radical, it is chic. It is so versatile that it can be worn for a formal dinner or for a night out with your friends in a pub. Beware, with all its versatility, the satin scarf can make you look worn out and tired if the color is not for you. That is why to spice up your accessory with a colorful brooch or a delicately colored pin which will stand out.

The diversity of black makes it represent style, power, elegance, sophistication, mystery and modernity. Knowing all this, it makes sense to have a sen*sual black satin scarf in your closet.

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Satin Scarves

Satin Scarves

Satin is soft and slick, it retains the moisture and doesn't absorb heat. Those features make satin fabric perfect in summer as well as winter. Due to it's unique features, it keeps your skin temperature at its own level, without getting hot or cold. As well as it is mild on a sensitive skin, it doesn't irritate as it doesn't absorb the moisture. Not only does the satin fabric look good, but it feels good as well.

There are so many ways that you can wear these satin scarves to create a dynamic and individualized signature look. An individual may wish to create stunning looks using several different shades. These can also be worn by men who want to coordinate a look to accent an informal suit. Just as women can look stunning by accenting their designs, men can look just as dynamic with the correct satin scarf.

There are endless ways to wear satin scarves that will add accent and style to day or evening wear. A satin scarf, properly worn, can coordinate anything from casual to a sophisticated look. A scarf can bring out the highlights of a hairstyle and many women use them to tie their hair in many different styles.

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Satin Scarf Dress

Satin Scarf Dress

There are many different styles of dresses that a woman should own. One style that should be in every woman's wardrobe is a classic satin scarf dress. This simple design can come in different lengths and colours but will look gorgeous whatever size you are. If you are looking for something that is for an occasion that conjures up elegance then an off the shoulder number could be just the thing. It will make the wearer look and feel sexy and depending on the cut, you can either find a gown that is suitable for all weathers.

A satin scarf dress that reaches the knee would be suitable for the summer months if you are going to an event like a garden party and beach party. There is no age limit with regards to the type of person who can or can not wear a satin scarf dress. There are many that have a boned bodice so that it fits the torso in such a way that it makes this type of dress look elegant whether you are petite or if you are a well proportioned woman who needs to find dresses made for the larger frame.

Most of these dresses can be easily found online if you do a quick search. You can compare and contrast the different prices and the different colours that are available. Some styles will also offer the buyer the opportunity of getting a coordinating satin scarf dress which is ideal for the cooler climate. Whatever you choose, a satin strapless dress should definitely take pride of place in the wardrobe of every fashion conscious woman.

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Red Satin Scarf

Red Satin Scarf

Did you know that the scarf originated in ancient Rome? It was used as a cloth to wipe the sweat from the face and neck. Well, it has certainly evolved a lot to what we see today, a fashion accessory for many women and even men. There are so many numerous ways to wear a red scarf that one wonders why it's not used as much.

The thinner and smaller version of the scarf which is typically made from satin can be tied around the neck to give a chic look to an open-necked shirt. Using a red satin scarf with a white shirt can give you the sophisticated and chic impact that is quite Mediterranean. You can see many French women wearing it this way during the spring months. You can also twist two longer scarves of different shades of red and wear it as a belt. It gives it a braided look which would look even better if 3 scarves of varying shades of red were used. You could also wear it around your neck as a variation of a necklace.

You can also fold it diagonally and tie two ends around your neck over a shirt. A light shirt would work best in this combination as it will show off your satin scarf. You could also wear it as a tie for an androgynous look that is quite popular with younger women. Some women can be seen with a scarf tied around the handle of their bags or totes. It definitely brings attention to their bags, adds a touch of sophistication and you can use the scarf if you need it too.

Be creative in your use of your red satin scarf. There are many shades of red as well as jacquard prints that can really enhance the look of any outfit you have. It speaks volumes about your style, personality and your enjoyment of life. Red is the color of love and passion and what better way to show your passion for life than to wear it? There is absolutely no need to be wary of this beautiful color and you should embrace it by wearing one today.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Satin Head Scarf

Satin Head Scarf

Satin Head Scarves

Satin Head Scarf - See Product Details

One particular accessory that is making a comeback and has made the fashion world excited since the start of the year is the wonderful head scarf. On a prominent fashion week, the use of a head scarf completed the designs of many fashion designers. Although styles differed from simple to grandiose, the versatility of the satin scarf was displayed as models marched down the runway with heads covered in satin scarves.

So while it's true that head scarves have not really been outdated, they are definitely a bigger trend this year. They can add drama to any outfit, smarten up your look, give off an air of nostalgia, or just add a whimsical touch to your getup. Satin head scarves not only enhanced their physical beauty but also helped them express an image of an elegant woman.

Today, we are used to such a fast pace of living and women just do not have the luxury of time to dress up as much as they want to and look elegant as women did back then. Something as uncomplicated as wearing a head scarf can add a touch of sophistication that can be difficult to achieve today. Now, a scarf worn as a head piece is no longer limited to those dealing with hair loss as more and more women embrace this trend and make the scarf their number one must-have accessory for the year.

Although many young women initially thought head scarves are unfashionable, it's not difficult to see how these accessories have won the hearts of fashionistas worldwide. Satin scarves are diverse, easy to bring, and can be worn in many ways and paired with practically any wardrobe. Head scarfs are practical, useful and great looking!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Satin Scarf

Satin Scarf

Pink satin scarf is perfect for a day out. When you feel like strolling down the streets or visiting the nearest park, it seems like the ideal picture to be wearing a cute little sundress with your favorite sandals and an equally cute pink satin scarf around your neck or worn to keep your fabulous hair from getting all blown over by the slight breeze of that perfect spring day.

A long pink satin scarf is quite the craze when you want to be able to do elaborate stuff with your scarves. It is also a big favorite among celebrities and fashionable personalities in Hollywood. The things that you can do with it are practically endless. You can style it to look really huge and puffy or you can flatten it out by doing a simple knot and basically let the ends flow with every step you take. With long satin scarves, you can also wear it as a wrap which looks more dramatic and ultra chic than normal. Satin scarf that can give your casual look an instant update and add a more formal touch to it.

There are a lot of other kinds of pink scarves out there. It absolutely depends on one's personal preference and taste. But to put it simply, this pink satin scarf can make one look really cute and pretty and in a fashionable way. This satin scarf will always be connected to the fun loving girls of society. So go ahead and choose one for yourself and flaunt it like you totally own it.

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Satin Hair Scarves

Satin Hair Scarves

This spring, the hair scarf is the easiest fix for all those unexpected hair annoyances. Knotted, twisted and wrapped, the scarf is the trendiest tie to accessorize the hair. Whether you use a thin long printed satin scarf or are able seek out a thick already-styled stretchy headband variation, the scarf is a simple way to spruce up any outfit this spring.

Take a thin satin scarf and tie the ends at the crown of the head into a demure bow for a clean cut preppy vibe. Otherwise, encircle the head with the scarf and twist the two ends at the crown of the head twice, pulling taught to the top of the hair. Wrap the ends toward the back of head, knot and tuck the remaining dangling pieces into the headband. These quick hair scarf techniques work perfectly with loose locks or tresses pulled up tight into a high bun or pony. Use a few bobby pins to fasten the scarf intact and apply a small blob of gel or a spritz of hairspray to tame down any awkward stray pieces.

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Satin Scarf For Hair

Dream Satin Scarf Black Large - See Details

Satin Scarf For Hair

If you're interested in having hair that is manageable and has the appearance of health, how you maintain it is essential. From daily regimens to bi-monthly maintenance, the ways in which you handle your hair and the products you use are key. Depending on how you wear your hair, natural or straight, you need to make sure that you are protecting it. This means, wrapping/covering your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet while sleeping. Using a real satin scarf which is derived from silk is best for your hair. If it's important to you, make sure to invest in a real satin scarf.

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Satin Head Scarves

Satin Head Scarves

Lady GAGA Red Head Scarf - See Product Details

Hair accessories can lend a glamorous touch to your hairstyle. In this fashion driven world, satin head scarves have emerged as the hottest and most versatile fashion accessories that can dress-up your hair and accentuate your overall appearance. These head coverings have redefined fashion in a more classy and refined manner.

Well, since fashion has become an inherent part of the modern society, what you wear is viewed as the ultimate representation of your confidence and sense of style. The attractive range available in head scarves can make a shopaholic go mad. You will find umpteen numbers of designs and patterns that you can possibly think of to match your taste. Indeed, a proper head wraps can turn a dull outfit into a classy one. You don't have to curb your desires to look smart and appealing in your outward appearance. Wearing these stylish, highly attractive and inexpensive hair accessories can turn you into a celebrity.

The outstanding luster and beauty of satin head scarves make them the most desirable choice for women all over the world. Silk hair coverings have a distinct appeal and come in pleasant colors with different creative patterns such as floral and abstract paintings. It helps a fashion freak woman to project her personality and preferences without being outlandish. The unparalleled magic of satin scarves makes them the most tempting choice, especially because they go well with every kind of attire.

Satin head scarves are versatile, they can protect your head from the burning heat of the summer and also from the cold winter winds. In winters, you can wear them round your neck for warmth. You can never go wrong with fashion scarves, whether you wear them as a head scarf or shawl or just as a drape.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Animal Print Satin Scarves

Leopard Print on Gray - Silk Satin Square Scarf - See Product Details

Animal Print Satin Scarves

From time to time you just want to make a bold fashion statement or just dress a little differently from your normal fashion. There are some secrets to wearing animal prints satin scarves that will help you to wear them tastefully and fashionably. When wearing animal print satin scarves you should wear conservative lines: a trench style dress, a simple top, or a tea or knee length skirt. Do not wear anything that is too revealing. Short skirts, hotpants, or a top that shows a lot of cleavage will look horrible in animal print. Mix and match the animal print with solid, basic colors only. Black seems to work the best. Dark denim or a white are acceptable. A small splash of red can be used to bring out the basic colors of the print.

Use wild patterns to draw attention away from areas of your body that you feel are flawed. You can to that by accentuating great aspects of your figure. Put a print satin scarf around your neck if you have nice cleavage. Try not to overdo the prints. A little accomplishes quite a bit. Animal print satin scarves can be used effectively to make bold fashion statement without looking ridiculous.

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Silk Satin Scarf

Silk Satin Scarf

Satin Scarf Multicolored Dog Print on Skyblue

fashions and seasons may change, but silk satin scarves with their beautiful style and variety offer many new looks to an otherwise dull outfit, simply by knowing how to tie a silk satin scarf beautifully. The silk satin scarf is a perfect day to day fashion accessory that matches nicely with every dress whether it is jeans or a skirt. The silk satin scarf is especially popular with teenage girls who love to wear a scarf as it completes their dress. But for women it is more than just a piece of cloth that is worn to enhance the look. In fact the silk satin scarf reveals your dressing sense and also gives a touch of elegance to the attire.

Wearing a silk satin scarf has many advantages as this fabric doesn't constrict the hair or the skin. It provides enough space for the hair and skin to breathe instead. Silk satin has natural filters which prevent dust and fine particles but allow the fresh air in. If you are looking for a scarf which you can wear anytime with every dress then purchase the scarf which is made of 100% satin silk.

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Friday, 4 May 2012

Satin Hair Scarf

Satin Hair Scarf - See Product Details

The Stay On Satin Nites Tie Up Wrap Cap

The Stay On Satin Nites Tie Up Wrap Cap is a styling headwrap that lets you protect your style while you sleep.

Keeping the hair covered while sleeping is very important. Wearing a satin hair scarf or satin head scarf at night when going to bed is a very important step in preventing damage. If you're not the head covering type, then I recommend sleeping on satin pillow cases instead. Most materials when the hair rubs up against it repeatedly will cause damage. It is best to protect your hair by all means and trying it up or simply placing in a bun can help just a little.

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White Satin Scarf

White Satin Scarf

Girls love to wear white. Something about the color makes them love it more than those bright pinks and even dainty yellows. White is symbolic to purity and wearing one makes you look really classic and even regal. A white scarf is the most classic choice. It looks really simple but it means a lot more when you want to look chic and elegant. Furthermore, you can absolutely wear it with anything as it is able to complement any color there is. Now that is what you call versatile.

A white satin scarf also brings about a romantic mood. Wearing a dress with a white scarf seems to be the ideal scene that pops up in one's mind whenever you associate this with romance. Additionally, white satin scarves are also among the popular choices of gifts for your female family members as well as your female friends and even your girlfriend during Valentine's Day. It has such a girly vibe that it almost always seems appropriate in times like this.

A white scarf is more than just your typical scarf or accessory. It has evolved through ages as something that women should wear because it is synonymous to purity and it translates into something elegant and classic. It is like a tradition, you may say. But really, it simply is a practical and versatile accessory that you can pair and match with the rest of your clothes. No need to splurge on other stuff, just a simple white satin scarf.

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Satin Scarves Shawls

Fandori Satin Silk Scarf Shawl - See Details

Satin Scarves Shawls

Satin scarves and shawls must surely one of the most versatile accessory. Not only they can be used to adorn various parts of the body, but the variety of different shapes and sizes means that they can be worn in a huge number of different ways to add flair, style and color to even the simplest of outfits. Traditionally, of course, satin scarves and shawls have been worn, in Western cultures at least, mainly around the head, neck and shoulders making them a truly versatile and beautifully decorative accessory for just about any occasion.

Not only do satin scarves and shawls offer great versatility in terms of how and where they can be worn, however, but also because they are timeless and flattering to all sizes and shapes. No matter which design you choose, you will always be saved from that embarrassing situation, because the accessory itself will transform whatever you are wearing, making it look tailor-made. Satin scarves shawls can add a wonderful splash of color and make a real personal statement which will attract compliments all day long.

Do you still do not have a satin scarves shawls? Buy now!

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pucci Scarf

Pucci Scarf

The name Emilio Pucci is synonymous with kaleidoscopic prints and forward-thinking favored by jet-setters the world over. Emilio Pucci himself was a Florentine aristocrat whose legend was born when photos of his skiwear ran in Harper's Bazaar in 1947. Through the years, Emilio Pucci designs have been favored by glitterati around the globe, and today the line is helmed by Peter Dundas. Headquarters are still located at the Pucci family's palace in Florence.

Pucci scarves are definitely a luxury item, as also a timeless fashion accessory. It also makes for a very tasteful gift item. The collection of Emilio Pucci Luxury Scarves includes a beautiful selection of scarves all with patterns that are artistically influenced. One of the most popular luxury scarves from the collection is the geometric print long silk scarf.

One of popular Pucci Scarf pattern

These Italian made silk scarves are a beautiful accessory item. You have very many stylish choices from the collection. A very popular design is the Emilio Pucci cyber print silk muffler. This is a beautiful scarf that can be used to accessorize anything from a dress, to a suit, or even a fur. Pucci's cyber print silk mufflers are 100% silk and available in striking hues of fuchsia, yellow, and periwinkle against black backgrounds.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


scarf patterns
Woman wearing a beautiful patterned neck scarf.

It is probably not possible to discover the initial birth of the scarf as there has been so many appearances within ancient history of said accessory. The difference of cultures was immense within days gone by and it is impossible to decipher the exact time when this renowned fashionable piece was born.

You may not know the absolute definition of a scarf, and think that it is just an item of cloth worn around your neck, but in fact it is a lot more than that. The scarf is a garment which is worn either around the neck, the waist or near the head for warmth and holds both religious and fashion connotations.

This particular item of clothing has been recognised as being worn at least 1350BC. An Egyptian Queen who went by the name of Nefertiti wore a finely woven scarf with a conical headdress. This means that one of Egypt's most beautiful Queen's sported a similar item of attire over 3000 years ago hence the inability to define the initial creator of such a glorious accessory.

There are other discoveries which suggest the use of the scarf Before Christ. A scarf-like piece of cloth was seen on the Chinese warrior sculptures about 1000BC and in 230BC the Chinese Emperor Cheng Don claimed that these scarves were a symbol of their military ranking.

Addo Domini scarves throughout history were more apparent as we have a better understanding of the records and what happened at that time as technology advanced. There are many records within history of the wearing of scarves in different sizes, colours and types:

10AD : Romans began wearing a linen kerchief which was named a sweat cloth and it knotted round the waist or around the neck.

1261 : A dance style (now called belly dancing) was adopted by the Egyptians where their costumes included a scarf-like belt worn on the hips.

1700 : French people began wearing colourful scarves named cravats and it became a popular to wear these cravats to demonstrate a specific political support.

1783 : The Third Duke of Krakow was said to invent the very first knit scarf this year.

1810- Beethoven changes his whole appearance in order to win the heart of his love by sporting fashionable suits, shirts and silk neck scarves.

1837 : Queen Victoria begins to popularize accessories which differentiate between classes and the scarf was one of these.

1856 : Burberry was founded and began manufacturing plaid scarves.

1930 : Fur scarves became the epitome of fashion in France.

A walk through time has shown popularity increasing of such a fantastic and traditional fashion accessory. As fashion has been more prominent over the course of history this has gone on to be one of the most significant accessories for the average fashionista.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Polka Dots Shawl Wrap Neck Scarf

Women Ladies Polka Dots Cotton Shawl Wrap Neck Scarf

Scarf fashion trends. 2012 is set to be a great year for fashion and beauty and will seemany different trends returning to the shops that were popular many years ago. So if you still have that polka dot scarf you once hated, then get them out of your wardrobe and get ready for the season of style. Let's stay one step ahead and check out the trends to look out for in 2012.

Simply Dotty You've guessed it, next year sees the rise of polka dots again, popular back in the 60s, 2011 brings back lots of dotty garments. If you are not confident enough to wear a polka dot scarf/shawl/wrap to a party; be it a birthday party or garden party, then try accessorizing with smaller dotty scarf designs. Go for a silky or cotton, polka dot scarf to wrap around a plain coloured top. coloured polka dots scarf would look great over a plain black or white t-shirt or long sleeved top.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Why French Women Wear Scarf

On a Paris sidewalk, a scarf seduces me. It tempts me from behind the window of a boutique, the size of a rich woman's closet. Just last night, in my Paris apartment -- swapped Paris apartment... one month, anyway, (three weeks left) -- a lucid thought sneaked into the pre-dream trailers, playing inside my almost-asleep noggin:

I must buy myself a beautiful scarf.

A key ingredient in the recipe for style, here in the City of Lights, Parisian women -- young, old, in between -- don't wear scarves... they flaunt them. A splash of panache, affecting walk, attitude; a confident flair; a statement to gawking tourists: I am French, and you are not!

The scarf in the window is une jolie escharpe. A Beautiful Scarf. A black veil of a scarf, patterned with black flowers, connoting romance; mystery. Only I don't want black. I want color.

"Bonjour," the young saleswoman says, as I enter the empty shop, her French voice a rhythmic lilt. She adjusts the already-perfect symmetry of gloves, berets and scarves displayed on top of the glass counter she is standing behind.

"L'escharpe dans le vitrine c'est jolie." This is me, speaking French. And I am trying to say -- with all the fluency one can master from having endured four years of high school French, in New Jersey -- the scarf in the window is beautiful.

"Oui. Tres jolie," the saleswoman says. "Vous est Americaine?"

I am disappointed she guessed so quickly. But I am undaunted; apologizing (in French) for my hideous grammar, conveying my adoration for the language, suggesting that, perhaps, if I speak French everyday, my vocabulary will improve.

The saleswoman insists: I speak lovely French. And before I can mess up the translation for, do you have that scarf in another color?, I see it -- in a lush, dark violet that has me purring: "Ohhhhhh... j'aime cette couleur."

"C'est tres tres jolie," the saleswoman says.

Scarves intimidate me. Not that I mean to compare this insecurity with a more worrisome neurosis like, oh... say, fear of clowns. It is just that I do not know how to tie a scarf properly; how to not feel overly accessorized. In short, I do not know how to wear a scarf with insouciance.

Until this precise moment. The saleswoman places the scarf around my neck... and voila: She reveals the secret of how French women tie their scarves.

"C'est une bonne couleur pour votre face et cheveux." A good color for my face and hair, the saleswoman is saying. And I couldn't agree more. "When you wear that scarf," she says -- her accent giving each and every word a French makeover -- "you do not need make-up."

I gaze into the mirror and it is true: this burst of violet -- tied just-so -- gives my face an honest-to-goodness glow. "Combien?" I say.

She announces the price of this glow as if it makes perfect sense: "One hundred and



"C'est tres chere pour moi. I wish it weren't so expensive."

"C'est rare...very special," she says. "It is made in Florence."

"J'habite avec le denim?" I ask, pointing to my jacket.

It dresses up anything casual, she tells me. Looks good with my denim jacket and my black t-shirt. "And..." she says, "it looks elegant with elegant clothes."

I study my reflection: a casual woman, made in America, "dressed up" by a scarf made in Florence... which sells in Paris for 150 Euros -- 225 dollars! I can not rationalize the expense. Yet, I can not remove this scarf, that I cannot afford, from my happy neck.

I explain that I'd seen a scarf in Ile St.-Louis: silk, similar color, but simple--for 50 Euros.

"This scarf... c'est rare," the saleswoman says.

No argument. It is rare -- this scarf that replaces the need for makeup. "I'm a writer,"
say. "I just finished my first novel. It is necessary for me to sell it -- because I have expensive taste."

"Paris c'est difficile. It is easy to spend money here on beautiful things," she says. "C'est difficile."

"The fabric is so delicate....what if it rains?"

"Not a tuck the scarf inside your jacket."

"Show me again how to tie it," I say.

I remove the scarf... and -- presto! -- my look has been downgraded.

The saleswoman folds the scarf in half, lengthwise, making sure both ends hang at equal length. She drapes it around my neck, loops the ends into the fold, adjusts the scarf until that burst of violet caresses my chin.

I remove the scarf. Put it back on.

"Parfait," the saleswoman says. "C'est une bonne couleur."

"Oui. Une bonne couleur."

"The last in that color," she says.

"The last?"

"No more," she says, as if she is talking about the last precious puppy in the litter of a rare breed.

"A few years ago, in Paris..." I say. "I bought a black blouse, patterned with flowers... pansies - -same color violet. And the other day, I bought purple boots, swirled with ecru... a shop in the fourteenth."

I am having an out-of-body experience: I am watching myself remove 150 Euros from my purse.

"A couple of years ago," I am saying. "I bought a hat on rue Daguerre... une grande
fleur -- I wore it while writing my novel. The hat inspired me."

"The shop is no longer," the saleswoman says.

"Ma romaine est tres sensual...mouvant...mais drole." I think I am saying: My novel is sensual, moving, yet funny. Then I hear myself blurt: "This scarf will inspire me!"

And I am doing it -- handing the saleswoman a 50... another 50... and another. One hundred and fifty Euros. For a scarf.

"Je suis fol," I say. "I am crazy."

The saleswoman places a lavender lace sack -- where my scarf will live when it is not residing around my neck -- inside a store bag with handles fashioned from thick ribbon.

"Bon journee, Madame," she says, handing me the bag.

"Bon journee!"

I leave the shop, wearing My Very Own Beautiful Scarf. I feel stylish; romantic... French.

And broke. 5 Euros in my purse.

So I hit the nearest cash machine. I insert my bank card, press the button that will allow me 300 Euros, promising myself -- this will last me until I leave Paris!

The machine emits a grating sound of effort, like coughing up money hurts. A message appears on screen: PLEASE TAKE YOUR CARD.

But the machine has not given me my money. Suddenly -- it sucks in my card... and a new message appears:



No bankcard. No money.

An achy, old Frenchman, walking an achy, old basset hound, witnesses my distress. He suggests I talk to the manager inside the bank. And it is only then that I realize: There is a door, not far from the machine; and through that door -- a bank.

"Parlez vous Anglais?" I say to the teller.

"Un peu," he says.

In French, I explain: I love the French language, but my grammar stinks... and this is
too important -- too complicated for me to struggle with language.

The teller nods.

In English, I explain: the machine gobbled my card without giving me my 300 Euros.

"I can get your card," the teller says. "Attendez."

He disappears into a tiny office behind the machine. A minute later, he hands me my bank card.

"But what about my 300 Euros?"

"We do not know if the machine took it from your account."

"But what if it did?"

"There is no solution."

"What do you mean... no solution?"

"Not today. Tomorrow we will check with the bank. If it has been taken... you can write a letter with your account information and we can transfer the Euros into your account."

"How long will that take?"

"Maybe one week...maybe two."

A man (Sarkozy-esque-handsome) announces himself to be the manager. "Is there a problem?" he says.

Is there a problem? I convey the problem in French (with my bad grammar) and in English (with my pretty good grammar.) The next thing I know... I am explaining how Air France broke the zipper on my baggage; a suitcase worth 250 Euros. And-- I just bought the scarf that I am wearing... cette escharpe that I can't afford...for 150 Euros. "I gave the saleswoman every Euro I had in my purse!" I am saying. "I have been to Paris, five, six times... and never a problem. Now -- so many."

"Sometimes it is like that," the manager says. "But there is no other solution."

Ah, but I remember: a blank check in my purse -- for emergencies -- folded into a tiny square, tucked beside my last 5 Euros. I hand the check to the manager. "My account information!"

He studies the check. "That is not what we need."

"It is what you need."

"We need your routing number."

"C'est ici," I say... pointing to the routing number on the left side of my check.

"Right here."

"This is your routing number?" the manager says.


The teller fills out a form with my account info; I sign it. The manager says: they will call me tomorrow.

I ask for a copy of the form and their phone number.

"Do not worry," the manager says. "You will not have to call here. We will call you."

"I would feel better if I had your phone number."

The manager hands me his card. I thank him. I walk to the door, and he says:

"Your scarf... "

I turn to him.

"It is wonderful," he says. "Le couleur d'une bonne nuit."

"Le couleur d'une bonne nuit?"

"The color of a good night," he says.

And with that one, gloriously sexy phrase, I am certain: my purchase was a wise one.

I step outside onto the Paris sidewalk, smiling. I know why French women wear scarves


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Scarves Styles : Classic, Hip, and Now All The Rage

Scarves are wrapped around everyone this season. You see them on celebrities, runway models, and even suburban moms. The scarf, often thought of as a go-to accessory for enduring the cold, is doing much more than keeping necks warm. Fringed, silk, knit, fur, or cashmere, they can add an element of style to anyone’s closet and really tie a whole look together.

Fashion model wear scarves

Elegant blue scarves, all image from

They are not new to the fashion world, as neckwear became a chic accessory for both men and women in the early 19th century. Now they can be found in almost any color, fabric, and style, with most designers yielding to the trend. Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, John Galliano, and even Target have their own collections that can boost any wardrobe.

Scarves are also extremely versatile and can be creatively transformed into headwear, shawls, and for the more adept – a skirt or top. Additionally, they can add color and flair to an otherwise drab outfit.

So loop it, knot it, tie or drape it. Diversify your own look with a scarf.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fashion Scarves Trends

women's scarf, image from

Scarves make fashionable and winter friendly accessories. As climate changes drastically throughout the week, scarves can be used to make those necessary apparel transitions look fashionable and smart.

Scarves can be used in many styles and functions. They can become head scarves, used around the neck for warmth, compliment apparel and tied around purses for a stylish look.

One that is most popular styles seen widely on ISU campus is the doubled neck scarf.

Junior marketing major David Jordan sported the neck scarf with a layering effect.

"It was cold this morning," Jordan said. "I put some stuff on that I could take off once it got warmer later on in the day."

Jordan rocked his Hot Topic scarf with a grunge look of hip, rugged jeans, studded belt, and a hooded jean jacket.

Senior technology major Min Kim executed her look of a long cheetah scarf with details of red and royal blue symbols.

"I like this scarf because it is cute and fun," Kim said. "I got it from Goodwill for like $1.99. Great buy."'s fashion guru Filipa Fino said the scarf trend is still alive even on the runway scene.

In DKNY's latest spring show by fashion designer Donna Karan, the scarf trend was in full motion with doubled, old silk neck scarves, as well as folded triangle scarves tied to the back for a Midwest-meets-Hollywood look.

"Think Jackie O. wearing her Herm├Ęs while horseback riding, folded in a triangle like a true gaucho—looks simple yet chic," Fino said.

"Everyone should have a fashion scarf in their closet," Kim said. "It's a must."


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Naruto Anime Scarf

scarf animation characters animation art
Scarf animation characters animation art

naruto anime scarf
Naruto Anime Scarf

There are many fans of Japanese animation around the world, fashion was inspired by the cartoon, and many emerging scarf with an animated character as a pattern.
One of the popular anime scarf pattern is Pokemon scarf patterns and naruto scarf pattern, naruto and pokemon scarves are very popular.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Scarf Japanese Anime Animation Characters

Doraemon scarf pattern.

This is one of my favorite cartoon or japanese anime character scarf. I love blue, I love this doraemon scarf. ☺
You can find this scarf at or other online shop.