Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fashion Scarves Trends

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Scarves make fashionable and winter friendly accessories. As climate changes drastically throughout the week, scarves can be used to make those necessary apparel transitions look fashionable and smart.

Scarves can be used in many styles and functions. They can become head scarves, used around the neck for warmth, compliment apparel and tied around purses for a stylish look.

One that is most popular styles seen widely on ISU campus is the doubled neck scarf.

Junior marketing major David Jordan sported the neck scarf with a layering effect.

"It was cold this morning," Jordan said. "I put some stuff on that I could take off once it got warmer later on in the day."

Jordan rocked his Hot Topic scarf with a grunge look of hip, rugged jeans, studded belt, and a hooded jean jacket.

Senior technology major Min Kim executed her look of a long cheetah scarf with details of red and royal blue symbols.

"I like this scarf because it is cute and fun," Kim said. "I got it from Goodwill for like $1.99. Great buy."'s fashion guru Filipa Fino said the scarf trend is still alive even on the runway scene.

In DKNY's latest spring show by fashion designer Donna Karan, the scarf trend was in full motion with doubled, old silk neck scarves, as well as folded triangle scarves tied to the back for a Midwest-meets-Hollywood look.

"Think Jackie O. wearing her Herm├Ęs while horseback riding, folded in a triangle like a true gaucho—looks simple yet chic," Fino said.

"Everyone should have a fashion scarf in their closet," Kim said. "It's a must."


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