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scarf patterns
Woman wearing a beautiful patterned neck scarf.

It is probably not possible to discover the initial birth of the scarf as there has been so many appearances within ancient history of said accessory. The difference of cultures was immense within days gone by and it is impossible to decipher the exact time when this renowned fashionable piece was born.

You may not know the absolute definition of a scarf, and think that it is just an item of cloth worn around your neck, but in fact it is a lot more than that. The scarf is a garment which is worn either around the neck, the waist or near the head for warmth and holds both religious and fashion connotations.

This particular item of clothing has been recognised as being worn at least 1350BC. An Egyptian Queen who went by the name of Nefertiti wore a finely woven scarf with a conical headdress. This means that one of Egypt's most beautiful Queen's sported a similar item of attire over 3000 years ago hence the inability to define the initial creator of such a glorious accessory.

There are other discoveries which suggest the use of the scarf Before Christ. A scarf-like piece of cloth was seen on the Chinese warrior sculptures about 1000BC and in 230BC the Chinese Emperor Cheng Don claimed that these scarves were a symbol of their military ranking.

Addo Domini scarves throughout history were more apparent as we have a better understanding of the records and what happened at that time as technology advanced. There are many records within history of the wearing of scarves in different sizes, colours and types:

10AD : Romans began wearing a linen kerchief which was named a sweat cloth and it knotted round the waist or around the neck.

1261 : A dance style (now called belly dancing) was adopted by the Egyptians where their costumes included a scarf-like belt worn on the hips.

1700 : French people began wearing colourful scarves named cravats and it became a popular to wear these cravats to demonstrate a specific political support.

1783 : The Third Duke of Krakow was said to invent the very first knit scarf this year.

1810- Beethoven changes his whole appearance in order to win the heart of his love by sporting fashionable suits, shirts and silk neck scarves.

1837 : Queen Victoria begins to popularize accessories which differentiate between classes and the scarf was one of these.

1856 : Burberry was founded and began manufacturing plaid scarves.

1930 : Fur scarves became the epitome of fashion in France.

A walk through time has shown popularity increasing of such a fantastic and traditional fashion accessory. As fashion has been more prominent over the course of history this has gone on to be one of the most significant accessories for the average fashionista.

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