Thursday, 10 May 2012

Red Satin Scarf

Red Satin Scarf

Did you know that the scarf originated in ancient Rome? It was used as a cloth to wipe the sweat from the face and neck. Well, it has certainly evolved a lot to what we see today, a fashion accessory for many women and even men. There are so many numerous ways to wear a red scarf that one wonders why it's not used as much.

The thinner and smaller version of the scarf which is typically made from satin can be tied around the neck to give a chic look to an open-necked shirt. Using a red satin scarf with a white shirt can give you the sophisticated and chic impact that is quite Mediterranean. You can see many French women wearing it this way during the spring months. You can also twist two longer scarves of different shades of red and wear it as a belt. It gives it a braided look which would look even better if 3 scarves of varying shades of red were used. You could also wear it around your neck as a variation of a necklace.

You can also fold it diagonally and tie two ends around your neck over a shirt. A light shirt would work best in this combination as it will show off your satin scarf. You could also wear it as a tie for an androgynous look that is quite popular with younger women. Some women can be seen with a scarf tied around the handle of their bags or totes. It definitely brings attention to their bags, adds a touch of sophistication and you can use the scarf if you need it too.

Be creative in your use of your red satin scarf. There are many shades of red as well as jacquard prints that can really enhance the look of any outfit you have. It speaks volumes about your style, personality and your enjoyment of life. Red is the color of love and passion and what better way to show your passion for life than to wear it? There is absolutely no need to be wary of this beautiful color and you should embrace it by wearing one today.

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